Saturday, November 5, 2011

After Effects is the Photoshop of Video

Lately I've been learning more about After Effects. It's basically Photoshop for video. No joke. And, like Photoshop, it's one of those programs that I know I will always be learning. Not just "until I'm good", but always.

I've been using Photoshop continuously since version 3.0 in the early 1990's. (I started on the version where they introduced layers.) And I do mean continuously using it. Since I started using it, the longest I've ever gone without opening Photoshop up for something is probably around a week and there have been years where I've opened every single day of the year. Yet I still feel like a novice at it. I have a friend who uses Photoshop probably as much as I do, yet he uses an entirely different set of functions in Photoshop than I do.

I can already tell this is what it will be like with After Effects. The range of things you can do to video with After Effects is just staggering. I know there will be brand new things I'll be learning years from now. And you know what? I love that.

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